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  • Very nice

  • Super¡¡

  • Very good

  • Muy buena serie

  • Very good series

  • Perfect

  • Interesante debate sí señor, debería haber más sobre estos temas de iluminación y composición, todos aprenderíamos más..

  • I think that the light of the face is essential and for my taste it is correct. If in a backlight where, in addition, the mane of hair hides the face, if it were more illuminated, I think it would be a small fudge, ceasing to be backlight. I see it that way. Greetings to all participants in the debate

  • Excellente photo

  • Hello Maylin, the photo is a backlight, and also strong, to illuminate the face I should use another source of artificial light, but that was not my intention, because what I wanted was to prioritize the beauty of your silhouette and to give it more strength I need that the beauty of his face did not distract us from the objective set. Silhouette and hands, with the white touch of the shirt to break the shadow space and highlight the figure more. I appreciate your comment. 

    The photo was published in the special edition GIRLS of Playboy in Germany.

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