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St. Petersburg 2014
Model Amelia Smolin - 7 years , Ksenia Tikhonov - 4 years
Stylist - Polina Malinin
Photographer - costume designer Hope Shibin , assistant Mary Intercession
assistant Svetlana Tikhonov Nearby, on a stone bench , sat a girl ; bent over a book, and apparently was completely absorbed by it . From his position , read the title of the book - " Rasselas " [4 ] , it seemed strange and therefore more attractive. Turn the page, she accidentally looked up and immediately asked me : - Interesting book ? I decided to ask me to stop reading this book. - I like - said after a pause , during which I tried . - What is written there ? - Continue . Do not know how I had the courage to speak first with a totally unknown to me girl. This was contrary to my nature and my habits . Probably his fascination book affected me in some consonant string . Because I also loved reading, but purely child - serious and complex I is poorly absorbed and poorly understood - If you want , look - the girl said, and handed me the book. I did so ; leafed through the book , I was convinced that its content is less tempting than the title. The book, in the taste of my children seemed bored , there was nothing about fairies , nothing about elves and pages of fine print continuously promised nothing entertaining. I returned the book to its owner, and she took it in stride and certainly intend to plunge back into reading when I decided to contact her. - Can you explain why the inscription over the entrance is " Lovudsky shelter? " - This is the school where you study .
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