Studio lights

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  • Excellent

  • Buena serie, qué poderio.

  • Perfect. 

    Very interesting to see distance and type of flash to perform your masterpieces

  • Buen ejemplo Kezzin, coincido con Haruki, hay una gran diferencia en el estudio dependiendo del tipo de luz, los buenos estudios están lejos de  los que  no viven  de la fotografía.

  • Amazing

  • It is clear that good flash photos are needed to make good studio photos, I am of the opinion that if the means are not available, it is better not to do so, at least to show it in public. The problem is that it is not available to everyone. The continuous light is not a substitute for the flash at all and now there are large led light panels that give an excellent result but their prices are similar to that of good flash. Summarizing that the good always carries behind what money is always there. From the technical point of view, the zenith light alone, unless you want to give the drama as in your photo, if it is not accompanied by others creates shadows that produce the facial features that I personally do not like.

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